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WATCHERS 10 x 10
Mr. M Story

The character of Mr. M appeared in my illustrations and paintings about 20 years ago. He is a human being with a hat and a dark raincoat or jacket. Who is he? It is me, you, us, everybody. He is a projection of my feelings, concerns, worries. He is happy, sad, angry, lonely and absurd; having his dark and light sides like all of us. It is a cyclical process in my work. Sometimes Mr. M stays in my sketchbooks for months and suddenly appears in a series painted on canvas or drawn on paper. A series of those images associated with literature or the business world are printed as art postcards by a German publisher in Berlin. These images also received interest from book publishers who bought the copyright for book covers or magazines. Mr. M was a part of my work process in France and Switzerland, and together we moved to Vancouver in 2000.

Mr. M Gallery

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